Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Are All Eggs Created Equal?

In light of the recent massive 550 million egg recall, it probably would be a good time to consider where your eggs come from.  The photo on the left is a typical factory farm like where the recalled eggs came from.  That is how most egg laying chickens are raised at large egg producers.  The photo on the right is how chickens are supposed to live and thrive.  Pasture raised chickens spend most of their day out in fields eating bugs, worms, and grasses.  

What is wrong with raising chickens in tiny cages?  Well, it is nasty as hell.  Excuse my language but I feel it is justified.  These chickens never or rarely leave those cages.  They eat, sleep, poop, and lay their eggs all in the same place their entire life.  Because of this, they are so unhealthy that they are pumped full of hormones and antibiotics.  Those chemicals end up in your eggs which ends up in your belly.  Those chemicals will be digested and  absorbed into your blood to be sent to cells throughout your body.  The food the chickens eat is the cheapest available that allows them to produce eggs on a continual basis.

Are things any better for pasture raised chickens?  They are much better in so many ways.  Farmers who raise their chickens on pasture typically have chosen to do things naturally.  This means no hormones or antibiotics.  The living conditions are so superior that these added chemicals are unnecessary.  My alma mater, Penn State, just released a study showing that pasture raised chickens produce nutritionally superior eggs.  

I buy my eggs at Brunty Farms where they are very adamant about raising their animals in a natural way.  It may cost a dollar or two more than conventional eggs but the health of my family is worth it.

Hopefully this post has piqued your interest of how your food is produced.  Whether it has or not, I would highly encourage everyone to see the movie Food Inc.  Here is just a sample of the movie:

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Dayna said...

What an excellent article. Straight and too the point. But, I would also like to add that not only are commercially- raised chickens raised in cages but a lot of the commercially- raised meat are raised in feed-lots that either have solid concrete under there feet at all time (this refers to free-range) or they are up to their knees in mud and their own feces/ urine. Commercially raised meats are fed grain. I'm sorry but when I think of cows, lambs, chickens, ducks, goats and even pigs I see picture them grazing on lush green grass. Not surrounded by dirt and fed 100% grain.

I encourage everyone to check into your local farmers markets and buy local. As the local farmer's market tee shirt states that I attend, "don't buy food from strangers" I also recommend to watch Food, Inc. along with Food Matters.