Thursday, September 9, 2010

How Can Saturated Fat Be the Cause of Our Problems?

This is a follow up to yesterdays post, Why are Unhealthy Foods So Cheap?   This family subjected themselves to an ABC News story so don't accuse me of picking on them.  The video below is about 8 minutes long but enlightening.  I imagine it isn't too far from the norm in most US households.  Please spend some time and watch:

If you watched the whole video, you will notice this family ate very little saturated fat.  They ate very little protein and meat.  Maybe they got some veggies on their sandwiches.  Fruit was non existent.  Did anyone see a knife and cutting board?  How about a pot or pan?  They consumed no real food during their whole day and cooked nothing from scratch. 

They did eat copious amounts of grain based, processed foods.  Their 11 year old daughter weighs almost as much as me and more than my wife.  The husband weighs much more than me and my wife put together.  We eat a lot of meat and saturated fat.  We don't have weight problems or portion control problems.  We don't even have labels that tell us how much to eat.  We eat until we are full then stop.  We are satisfied for long periods of time without needing more food.

I guarantee, that family is on many prescription drugs.  I will guess that they cost a lot of money to insure.  Their health problems are only gonna get worse and it will cost their employers more every year.  What about people with no health insurance?  The uninsured are more likely to be low income and eat the same cheap crap we saw on that video.  The uninsured rely on the taxpayers for their health care.  

Remember, my purpose wasn't to criticize this family.  The purpose is to show that consumption of carb heavy grains is much more of a problem than fat rich meats and other fatty animal products.  They probably know they could eat a better.   With their standard nutritional knowledge, they may change the portion sizes but not the quality of their foods and types of foods.  This national epidemic is not going to change until we focus on what people eat, not the quantity they eat.



Jan said...

I watched the video before I read your post and my thoughts were pretty much the same - that family ate nothing all day that wasn't processed. NOTHING. Just refined, prepackaged carbohydrates. Not a fruit, vegetable or piece of meat (I'm sorry, a hot dog and some cold cuts are not meat). Nor did she cook anything at all - not even the hot dog; she fed it to the poor kid cold (sorry again, but there's no such thing as a "raw" hot dog).

And here's this "dietitian" telling them they can solve their problems by exercising portion control.

Hellllloooooo - the reason they're eating such huge "servings" of that crap is because those refined carbohydrates are just spiking their blood sugar, leaving them hungry - to say nothing of malnourished.

Good gawd.

LPC said...

All I can think was "disgusting." I can't imagine eating like that. A raw hot dog and chocolate milk? Yikes.

healy said...

for me it's funny,well she's like that. . .if we know that kind of people lets guide them on what wellness we enjoy