Friday, September 24, 2010

Do you use a Neti Pot?

So in line with my efforts to cut out all medications as much as possible, I found out about something called a Neti Pot about a year ago. Prior to that I never knew this wonderful device even existed! Almost like I was living in a cave, but that wouldn't be so bad now would it :-) Many years of snoring, stuffiness and plowing through boxes of Kleenex could have been avoided. Sometimes the over the counter meds worked, sometimes they didn't. But I have to say the Neti Pot works most of the time for me and gives me clear breathing for hours when getting stuffed up.

For more information about Neti Pots and how they work, check out this WebMD article...


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Chuck said...

i have used one twice. Definitely takes some getting used to but it does work. Sinus irritation goes away instantly. I only get a stuffy nose maybe once or maybe twice in a year now.