Thursday, September 2, 2010

A Reader's Self Experiment Week 2

Here is the latest update from Leroy.  Appears that he is sticking with it and experiencing some good results.

"Week 2 (Aug. 23-30): 
This was a unique week for me as I ate out 3x since being on this diet.  (1) The lunch at Panera wasn’t too difficult…I had a great salad with walnuts, strawberries, pineapples, oranges & chicken.  (2) We took the kids to the Columbus Zoo & packed our lunch:  Chicken salad, almonds, apples, cherry tomatoes & blueberries.  (3) The real test came on Saturday night at a wedding.   Being at a winery, there wasn’t a full bar & the drinks were limited to wine & beer.  It was a wedding celebration…how can you not have a few drinks?  A few glasses of red wine & 1 ½ beers.  I admit it…I felt a little guilty drinking the beer, but I was more concerned about what I was going to be able to eat for dinner.  Turns out, the spread was very paleo friendly:  chicken, grilled veggies, salmon, beef & fruit.  After dinner, they set up 2 desert tables…one was a candy bar, which wasn’t really tempting, but the other table had COOKIES!  In my first post, I told you about my obsession with cookies (primarily in the middle of the night), well, I haven’t had a cookie in 3 days (more info below).  Looking at that table made my mouth water like Pavlov’s dog.   
Breakfast has now become my favorite meal of the day!  Prior to my primal switch, I ate the exact same thing every morning…oatmeal.  Some days I would mix it up & add some sliced strawberries on top.  I’m crazy, right?  Breakfast now consists of eggs (scrambled, over-easy, hardboiled), sausage, fruit or even leftovers.  
My energy level is exceeding my expectations.  I used to get really tired around 3:00 pm…catch my 2nd wind…then be ready for bed around 9:30.  I have energy throughout the day & now I haven’t been going to bed until 10:30-11:00.  I’m getting good, quality sleep (which I have struggled with in the past) & I wake up feeling well rested.  I ate my last 2 chocolate chip cookies at 1:15 am on Wednesday night & barely made it through Thursday night without them.  My wife is making more for me just in case I totally freak out, but I’m going to try to “Jedi mind trick” myself out of these midnight cravings.  I have now gone 4 nights without my cookie fix. 
On Wednesday, I had an allergy attack & was extremely disappointed.  I was really hoping for this new diet to rid me of these attacks.  Hopefully as I continue to improve my diet, I will see a change in frequency or total elimination…keeping my fingers crossed! 
There are foods that I am definitely starting to crave:  Pizza, sandwiches, pasta, chips & salsa.  The reality of not eating these things is starting to kick in & I am really starting to miss them.  Is it bad that I have Sept. 21st circled on the calendar as the day when I’m gonna cheat & maul down some pizza?  I think not. 
Today starts week 3.  New additions to the dinner menu:  Bacon & tomato wrap in bib lettuce, salmon & perch.  
Total weight loss:  7 lbs. 
Oh yes, I almost forgot, a BIG thanks to Chuck for bringing up the whole flatulence thing last week.  He speaks the truth…it has drastically decreased."
Great Job Leroy!  If you want to be 100% caveman with no cheats then I say great.  In regard to the allergies, don't get too frustrated.  Gluten can cause allergy like symptoms via gluten antibodies causing irritations.  Even though you may be gluten free, gluten antibodies can hang around at pretty high levels for a while.  See this chart below analyzing the change in various gluten antibodies over 4 years after implementing a gluten free diet.


I am not saying that you are gluten sensitive or that is what is causing your allergy attacks.  But if you are, it can take some time to get the bad stuff out of your system. 

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