Wednesday, September 15, 2010

A Reader's Self Experiment Weeks 3 and 4

Well, Leroy is about a month in and as he told me, "I'm Lovvvin' Every Minute of It" (anyone recognize the Seinfeld reference).  As you will see in his latest update, the student has been reading ahead in the textbook.  That is GREAT!  I encourage everyone to do their own research.  Read the sites we reference on the right and the many more that those sites reference.  There is a ton of great stuff out there that even if we posted every day for the next 5 years we wouldn't be able to keep up with everything that keeps coming out in the paleo/evolutionary lifestyle world.
Oh well, enough of my blabbing, let's hear how things are going for Leroy:
Week 3 & 4 (Aug. 30 - Sept. 13):
Well, it’s been 1 month since I started this diet & I feel great!  It’s funny…the same thoughts/comments I used to say to Chucky back when he starting talking about this “way of eating” are now being said to me.  However, you have to be careful when getting into conversations about this, as you don’t want to offend the people who have a plate of pasta & bread in front of them while chasing it down with a cold Pepsi.  It’s not as risky as discussion religion or politics, but people can take great offense when discussing their foods.

When I first started, I was basically trying to separate the good food from the bad food.  Now, I am trying to make the “good” food “better” food.  For instance, I am buying grass-fed beef at a farmer’s market instead of grain-fed/hormone injected beef from a grocery store.  My eggs are pasture-raised eggs from a local farm, which contain high levels of Omega-3 fatty acids.  Almost all eggs sold in supermarkets are commercially-raised eggs, which contain high levels of pro-inflammatory Omega-6 fatty acids.  I am fortunate enough to get most of my produce from my dad’s garden, so I know exactly where it came from & how it was grown.  Last Saturday, my family made 95 lbs. of sausage…no preservatives, just meat, water & spices.
MMMM Homemade Sausage
My cravings for chips & salsa, pizza, bread, pasta, & cookies are still there and I am not sure if they will truly go away; however, its becoming easier & easier for me to not give into those cravings because of the way I feel.  I am full of energy throughout the day, my joints don’t ache anymore after running….AND…my last allergy attack was Aug. 25th! 
My total weight loss is now 10 lbs and it is NOT from the lack of food!  I eat until I am full for breakfast, lunch & dinner and periodically snack on fruits & nuts.  I really don’t want to lose anymore weight & I think that my body is just finding its ideal weight.  Remember in my first post when I was concerned about getting that wheat belly…well, that’s no longer a concern.
Glad to hear things continue to go well for you Leroy.  I agree whole heartedly regarding the whole food choice discussion.  I can be very In your face regarding this subject because I am so passionate.  I have heard it compared to discussing politics and religion a lot lately.  I just want people to see the light.  It took Leroy years of prodding for him to try this and now he loves it so much he doesn't want to turn back.

Here is a question I will leave with you all.  How can we do a better job of convincing people to try this way of eating for just one month without offending them?  I would love to get some feedback on this.  


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