Friday, September 10, 2010

"Bippity Boppity BACON!"

When you realize that the fat in bacon is not going to kill you you can enjoy this magical meat without a guilty conscious.  For this post, I am trying a new technology called SmelliNet which should allow you to smell fresh cooked bacon when you click here.  This fun little blog entry is dedicated to all things bacon.  ENJOY!

My wife and I are always on the prowl for nitrate/nitrite free bacon.  To fund my love for this flavor explosion, I am going into merchandising.  I am now taking orders for bacon bikinis so hurry up and get your money in before they run out or I eat them all.  See the final design below.

If you have read much of this blog you know I love to reference studies and post graphs from those studies.  Here is a statistical analysis from a bacon study.  It was a randomized, double-blind, peer reviewed study involving 2 billion people around the world.  The graph is pretty self explanatory.

And finally some sculptures most everyone would appreciate.  I would love to be at that fine art auction.  

I almost forgot.  My wife hates the mess that splattering, sizzling, sweet bacon makes when it cooks on the stove top.  My buddy Don J turned me onto baking bacon in the oven.  It is real simple, real clean and REAL GOOD!  Preheat your oven to 400 F and bake for 20 minutes or more depending how crispy you like it.  The picture below should explain the rest.   Thanx for reading and enjoy some delicious bacon this weekend.  CP



Anonymous said...

HA! That was awesome! Now I feel like I gotta run out and get more bacon


Jan said...

I am in awe at the self-control exercised by the people building things with the bacon. And that bacon At-At is too cool for words...

Average Married Guy said...

So Awesome! Thanks for the link on my blog! I'll be putting you on my feed.