Monday, September 27, 2010

Frustration From a Doctor on the Frontlines

This is not Dr. Eades but I think this is how he feels
Readers may think two people like myself and Don J are not qualified to be discussing such complicated subjects as nutrition and wellness.  We are by no means doctors or scientists or even health care professionals.  We are just curious guys with a passion for finding the best way.

If you are tired of our rants....that is fine but  we are not stopping.  Or is it that you just need someone else's perspective?  Maybe another site would be good for you to explore.  Either way, you should go over to the blog of Dr. Michael Eades M.D.  He and his wife put out a book called Protein Power back in 1995.  I read it about two years ago and it is amazing how 15 years later the same philosophies work and are actually becoming pretty popular.  They are board certified medical doctors with a focus on nutrition and metabolism.  Their nutritional recommendations  are very closely matched to our ancestral food choices.

Dr. Mike recently put up a post titled The Pitiful State of Medical Ignorance.  From his perspective as a physician, he reiterates much of what you read here along with foreshadowing some topics you will read here in the future.  If your eyes aren't wide open yet, maybe this post from an M.D. will do it.  Here is an excerpt from the rant:
For the most part I face widespread medical/nutritional idiocy with a fair amount of equanimity, but every now and then, when I brood on the cost in human suffering this idiocy all too often causes, I want to do the Howard Beale and scream “I’m mad as hell.”  Problem is the idiocy is so widespread that my pitiful efforts to counter it are on par with King Canute’s trying to hold back the tide.  If I can make a little difference here and there, I suppose it’s worth the effort, so I keep trying.  But I still want to scream.
He goes on to describe several instances where doctors prescribe conventional wisdom and thus made their patients even sicker.  Here is his response to those stories: 
Why do these stories make me mad as hell?  Not just because the people involved suffered as a consequence of medical hubris, incompetence and intransigence, but because so many millions of other do suffer miserably and aren’t lucky enough to escape their fates as these few were.
Notice how he used the word "escape" in the last sentence.  Pretty profound considering the title of our own little blog.  I don't want to reveal everything he wrote.  If you want the perspective of an extremely qualified professional fighting on the frontlines of this battle, please go read the post.  It is worth your time.  CP

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Jan said...

I like your rants (probably because I agree with them).

Oh, I bought a Neti Pot the other day. I love it.