Friday, September 3, 2010

Are you getting a flu shot?

With the coming flu season, we're already starting to hear about the availability dates for getting your flu shots on TV and radio. If you're eating right and taking care of yourself, do you really need a flu shot? I hear that it's safe, but you wouldn't know it if you came across articles like this.

Last year, there was quite a bit of FUD (fear, uncertainty and doubt) spread about the H1N1 virus. Not only trumped up in the media, but our government got into the mix as well.

Our family didn't get flu shots and I don't think we even got sick at all. Maybe a few runny noses but that's about it. I think we considered the shot but you couldn't get one anywhere because of the paranoia. So we figured instead of freaking out about not getting the shot we'd take care of ourselves. And we ended up all right.

So are you going to get a shot this year? Modern medicine for has done great things over the course of our evolution but is the flu shot really necessary?



Jan said...

I've gotten exactly two flu shots in my entire life - and got raging cases of the flu both times. So no, I won't be getting one this year. Nor did I get one last year for H1N1, although I had my youngest vaccinated. While he didn't get sick, neither did I.

Chuck said...

I cannot remember if I've ever gotten a flu shot although I am sure I have at some time in my life. I cleaned up my diet in a big way about 44 months ago. In that period of time, I have gone to the doctor once because of an illness. Have had just 2 sick days off work because of that same illness. Otherwise I just haven't gotten sick. People without a compromised immune system don't need flu shots.