Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Have Heart Burn, Acid Reflux, or GERD and on Medication For It?

Please do what our own Don J did, cure it in a day just by changing your diet.  Not willing to make that sacrifice?  Keep reading and maybe you will.

With many drugs, side effects are typically only discovered after they have been released to the public for a while.  Yes, you read that right, you are a test subject in ongoing experiments.  How much are you paid for that???  Nothing?  You actually have to pay for these medications?  Seems like an unfair trade off to me.  

Here is a link to the latest warning from Food and Drug Administration regarding proton pump inhibitors.
The FDA is revising the prescription and over-the-counter (OTC) labels for proton pump inhibitors to include new safety information about a possible increased risk of fractures of the hip, wrist, and spine with the use of these medications.
 Some studies found that those at greatest risk for these fractures received high doses of proton pump inhibitors or used them for one year or more.
Proton pump inhibitors are better known to you and me as antacids and evidently they make your bones weak.  By the way, this was reported as far back as August 2006 but it took them nearly 4 years to make a formal proclamation to their customers, the US citizens.  It takes a lot for the FDA to admit they were wrong.  They, in fact were the ones who originally  approved these drugs for consumer use.  Oops, maybe a few hundred or a few hundred thousand people broke a leg, a vertebrae, or an arm (just speculations).  No biggee right?  Makes you wonder what other lesser known side effects are out there that they haven't warned the public about...yet.  Pneumonia is one that has been talked about in medical circles. 

OK, here comes the broken record....ready to hear it again?  It is the same message because damnit, it just works.  Eat what you are meant to and you will not have to rely on symptom masking drugs with dangerous side effects.  If you choose to stay on these drugs, be careful banging your head against the proverbial wall, you just might break a bone.  


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Em and Lib said...

My hubs was able to stop all medication for GERD drinking 8oz Kefir first thing in the AM. Also help with his blood pressure. Preaching to the choir here, sistah!