Sunday, September 12, 2010

Ditching Your Meds

Sometimes we wonder about what possible long-term harmful effects prescription medications will have on our bodies. When getting a new prescription, included with the script you'll see a mountain of possible side effects listed if you take them. We do know that it is possible to switch to a paleo lifestyle and leave some medications behind.

Obviously we've made strides in medicine that even save people's lives because of the advancements we've made in scientific research. But maybe there's that "maintenance" drug that you take to ease symptoms of a problem you can possibly prevent with a few simple changes to your diet?

Try doing some of your own research and try paleo; you might be able to ditch your meds.


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Chuck said...

Great thought. When I hear someone eats healthy and that their diet works for them, I say good for them. The true test of the effectiveness of their diet though is whether they are medication free. There are several examples referenced just on this site where people are able to get off "maintenance" drugs". To me, that means the diet works.

Off course there are extenuating circumstances with some people. For the most part my opinion is, if you are still on drugs, your diet isn't working.