Thursday, March 24, 2011

Paleo...Now Also Hurting Dermatologist's Business

We have learned how many have shunned clinical advice and have chosen to solve many different problems via a diet change.  People are choosing to avoid the USDA food pyramid and swarm toward nourishing foods that have little to no ill effects.  Let's review the success stories that have been referenced on this site:

Now we can add acne to the list.  Before my diet change, I personally didn't have much more than occasional acne flare up.  I sometimes would get it on my back.  That is virtually gone.  I have been hearing for a while that eating paleo could really help acne but hadn't seen any pictures till I stumbled on the above picture here.  Pretty impressive results after 27 days and she did it medication free.  The diet is so effective for acne that there is a book dedicated to the subject.  So many doctors will be suffering financially if too many people discover this diet secret.



MAS said...

Excellent post. I'm going to share this on Facebook. One day I'm going to post about my experiences with a local skin doctor story.

Chuck said...

Thank you for the traffic. Appears your FB page is popular. I may have to get one of those things.

Jan said...

Chuck - yes, get a Facebook account.

And I'm going to have to come down with a legitimate illness before I go to the doctor again. I trust them less and less all the time.

Chuck said...

Sounds like you would be a great candidate for a high deductible health savings account insurance plan. essentially you become responsible for your own health.