Friday, March 4, 2011

Monday! Monday! Monday!

Set your DVR folks, the diet expert death match is here.  If you are interested in health, diet, low carb, low fat, or paleo then you should definitely watch Dr. Oz Monday, March 7th.  Check out what the title of the show is:  The Dr. Oz Show : The Man Who Thinks Everything Dr. Oz Says Is Wrong

Pretty intriguing show title huh?  I am guessing that was the point. 
Just a little background.  The guest on the show will be author and scientist Gary Taubes.  He is a low carb advocate who released a book in 2007 called Good Calories, Bad Calories which really opened my eyes after I read it a few years ago.  The book pretty much rocked the nutrition world.  He released another book in 2010 called Why We Get Fat and What To Do About It.  As I understand, this book is the crib notes version of his 2007 book.

My hunch is based on Dr. Oz's recent thoughts on the Paleo diet, the show might not be as Jerry Spinger like as the title may allude to.  Taubes is civil but staunch when he presents his stance to contradicting parties.  Either way, it will be an interesting show to watch as a mainstream program and celebrity doctor give a low carb advocate a voice to be heard on such a big stage.  I have a feeling if you are not yet questioning whether low fat/high carb diets are maybe causing more problems than they're fixing, you will walk away from watching this show with some skepticism regarding the pervasive low fat prescription.



Jan said...

Why We Get Fat is a MUCH easier read than GCBC, so if you have friends and family that you think would be daunted by the first book, the second is much more...user friendly, I guess. Of course, it doesn't go into the politics that drove us, as a nation, into a low-fat, high-carbohydrate diet - which is what I thought was the most intriguing and informative part of GCBC.

I cannot stand Dr. Oz...I hope I can stomach this.

Be said...

Taubes will spank Oz's muchkin!

Chuck said...

It is tough to recommend someone read a book titled Why We Get Fat.....without being extremely offensive. I haven't read that book and not sure I will after already reading GCBC.

I am not a big fan of Oz either. Unfortunately his opinion carries a lot of weight with Americans. Hopefully people like Taubes will be able to influence Oz's recommendations.

Michael Hines said...

Hi there,

This is really interesting! You have turned my head to this show and I don't mind people getting challenge at all, as long as there are evidence and facts on the table. History has shown us a lot about where we went wrong as a nation, and there is no different in the diet world.

Great blog by the way! I will definitely be coming back for more of your posts.

Take care


Chuck said...

Glad you enjoyed. Here are 2 differing reviews of the Dr. Oz show i wrote of.