Friday, March 18, 2011

Real Life Super Hero

So this guy may look a little weird.  At first glance, he looked like a super hero to me.  In the eyes of the medical community, he is a super hero.  He defied conventional wisdom and cured himself of Type 1 diabetes.  The pancreas is the organ most effected by diabetes.  He lost half of his in an emergency surgery.  After subjecting himself to a myriad of medications while eating a low fat diet he made a drastic change.  He adopted Mark Sisson's Primal Blueprint.  He read the book, which I highly recommend, and transformed his life.  

Go to the site and read the whole story.  Then buy the book and read it.  Or if you live near me, I will loan you mine.  It is a short, easy read.



Be said...

We just downloaded it to our Kindles. I hope I look like that after I read it (though I could do without the chest paste facial).

Chuck said...

short term and long term health should be the goal. looking good will come with that over time.