Wednesday, March 30, 2011

What Are We Made Of?

Just thought you should see this chart.  Two major organs of human body are mostly water (as I am sure the rest are too).  The second most common component of the brain is fat (lipids).  The second most common component of muscle is protein.  

Composition of Brain and Muscle
Skeletal Muscle (%)Whole Brain (%)
Water7577 to 78
Lipids510 to 12
Protein18 to 208
Soluble organic substances3 to 52
Inorganic salts11
(Reference: McIlwain, H. and Bachelard, H.S., Biochemistry and the Central Nervous System, Edinburgh: Churchill Livingstone, 1985)

Carbohydrates can be naturally produced by the body to cover the 1% composition of the muscles and brain.  Although, I am not advocating zero carb, the body runs very well on low carb.  Yet "experts" recommend time and time again we eat more "healthy carbs" and less "deadly fats".  "Experts" will usually say moderate amounts of protein should be consumed.  The problem is that complete sources of protein are usually bound to fat in the form of animal products.  A catch 22 if you want to eat unprocessed, real foods.

Based on the composition of our bodies and the composition of the Standard American Diet, it is no wonder that people are increasingly getting weaker and having psychological issues.  As for the preponderance of carbohydrates in the SAD diet, the brain and muscles don't want more than 1% of carbs so the body stores it in the adipose tissue cells.  



Be said...

Eating (good) fat doesn't make one fat.

Cholesterol doesn't raise cholesterol.

The brain needs glucose but we don't need to eat it to generate it.

Chuck said...

yes, there is an interesting thing that happens when we eat really low carb. the body becomes insulin resistant to conserve glucose as fuel for the brain.