Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Chorus of Crapitude

Let me be crystal clear.  This video is not crap.....it is incredible!  It gives me goose bumps every time and I have shared it with many people.  Hopefully you enjoy it too.  I posted it to entertain and to help prove a point.

As I was at a choir program for my 5 year old daughter I realized I really could not hear her voice (no, she didn't get to do a solo).  There were other children I knew there too and I couldn't distinguish their voices either.  One single voice in a choir is typically drowned out by the harmony of the group.  There are probably kids with high voices and low voices but you cannot pick them out when they are all singing at the same time.

After the program, I found myself thinking about how a diet could create a harmony of crap.  I eat what I feel is a pretty clean diet.  For the most part, I have eliminated the dietary toxins that cause general feelings of crapitude.  I have consistently high energy levels and my digestion is uneventful.   When I do feel the crapitude coming on, I look back at what I ate to consider if anything was out of the ordinary.  I am now way more in touch with my body and how food effects it.

If your diet is riddled with foods that are known to be problems for just about everyone, you will not be able to pick out the possible cause for your discomfort.  Your diet may be more to blame for feelings of crapitude than a germ or a virus.  But it will be hard to pinpoint any one food if you eat a lot of sugar, gluten, phytates, lectins, and Omega 6's.  By the way, the typical American diet has a ton of these food toxins that cause health issues.  It is estimated that naturally occuring food toxins outweigh man made toxins (pesticides, herbicides, preservatives, etc.) by a ratio of 5 to 1 up to 10 to 1.  Yet organic food is constantly propped up as a way to great health.

Sure eating organic probably has some health benefits.  But eliminating the naturally occuring food toxins gives you the most bang for the buck. 



MAS said...

Yep, removing the most common toxins in the quickest path to better health. What they feed kids in schools is poison. Cheap poison.

Chuck said...

School lunches are crap and there really isn't any way to change that without changing the USDA guidelines. So just send food with the kids to school.