Monday, August 16, 2010

N=1 version 2.0

This is a basic term referring to self experimentation. The number (N) of subjects in the experiment equals (=) one (1). Often when you read about people trying the paleo or cavemen diet, they refer to their results or experiences as N=1. It certainly is not enough subjects or controlled enough to draw any definitive conclusions but when you see enough success stories such as Veronica Garza (N=1 version 1) you start to become a believer.

Here is one from a great site called Free the Animal. This guy changed his appearance DRASTICALLY in about half a year. He did it by eating and moving like a caveman. He does say that he feels better than he has in years. I don't know, you think think the guy eating all that meat and all those plants looks less healthy than the guy who ate the whole grains???? I know who would be better prepared for a coming famine but do you foresee one of those soon?

Here is another N=1 example. A wife who ate paleo had a skeptical husband who didn't. The husband went to the doctor where his blood was tested. His cholesterol was sky high and the doctor wanted to put him on cholesterol lowering drugs, aka statins. The wife convinced her skeptical husband to try her way for one month rather than succumbing to the standard pill popping solution. Well the results are impressive, read for yourself.

"So about a month ago, my husband got his Cholesterol tests back from the doctor, and they were high. She of course, immediately mentions statins, and I freak out. I BEGGED him not to go on statins, but rather to follow my diet and see if it brought down his cholesterol first. He agreed to follow my Paleo diet without cheating for an entire month, and then get his blood tested agin. Last Friday he went in to get his blood tested, and he got his new Cholesterol test results back yesterday and here they are:
Original scores:

Total Cholesterol - 268
HDL - 56
LDL - 183
Triglycerides - 144

New scores:

Total Cholesterol - 206
HDL - 44
LDL - 148
Triglycerides - 72"

And here is one more from Ken Smithmier, CEO of Decatur Memorial Hospital in IL. Yes, pretty credible when the leader of a big community health system touts such a controversial philosophy. Here is his success story.

"Today I would call myself a Paleo guy. I eat meat, seafood, vegetables, fruit, and a few nuts. I don’t weigh and measure, either my food or myself. I eat when I am hungry and I eat till I am full.

I tell people if they have to choose between coming to the gym and fixing their nutrition then they should fix their nutrition. I tell them 3-4 hours per week with us working out will not fix 7 days per week of bad eating.
So have all of my changes and preaching made any difference?
Here are my lipid results:
..........1999...... 2009
Chol .....198 ...........157
Trig .....173............ 30
LDL .....111........... 84
HDL.... 52.4.......... 67

I think those of you who follow blogs like this one are now on the cutting edge of nutrition and health. Little by little we can change ourselves and those around us and I applaud all of you for your efforts."

Let me highlight one little sentence from that quote:

"I think those of you who follow blogs like this one are now on the cutting edge of nutrition and health."

The CEO of a hospital system says eating like a caveman is cutting edge....WHOA! Not technology like extracting fat from foods using petroleum products. Not adding artificial micronutrients to foods with a 10 step manufacturing process. Not a breakthough magic pill. Just eating animals and plants like primitive man is cutting edge! Who woulda thunk it?

I am constantly baffled how so many in the health care field refuse to take notice of examples like these. Sure anyone can starve themselves to look good in the mirror but the immediate and long term health changes are really what should matter. That is the major difference from this way of eating and all the others. With paleo, or caveman or whatever you prefer to call it, the people feel healthier and their test results show they are healthier.


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