Friday, October 28, 2011

Oz's "Prehistoric Diet Plan"

The Prehistoric Diet Plan

So, I went to check on the recording of Dr. Oz today where he experimented with the paleo diet and it wasn't on today's show.  I did some digging and found out that episode will be on next Friday, 11-4.  What I also found is that Dr. Oz is jumping onto the ancestral health freight train.  Too many people are talking about it for a media whore like Oz not to try to get in on the action.

Oz's site profiles his "Prehistoric Diet Plan".   It is a plant based diet with plenty of beans, tofu, soy milk, hemp, chia, and flax seeds.  This guy fails to recognize our ancestors have been eating animals for over 2 million years.  Sure even our most recent ancestors also ate a lot of plants....nobody is disputing that.  They also prized animal protein and fat.  Women were attracted to the best hunters not to men who would forage them up some organic soy milk.

I should stop giving this guy the time of day.  But I do think it needs to be pointed out how ridiculous this man can be and it is important to discredit him when appropriate.  He has WAY too much influence and if just one person stumbles upon this post and then thinks twice about listening to that man then I will have done my job..  Just over a month ago in a Time Magazine article he talked about how things such as eggs and coconuts may actually be healthy for us despite prior concerns with these foods.  Those would fit well in a prehistoric diet.  MUCH more so than tofu or soy milk.  Also in the same article he referenced how cavemen didn't live very long but now he says they may have the answer to how to eat healthy???  WTF?

Maybe our ancestors did eat primarily a plant based diet but you would have to go back over 2 million years to find ancestors that did not consume meat. After thousands of generations of thriving on plants AND animals, some "experts" decided it is a good idea to eliminate meat.  A plant only diet is a recent invention  It is not possible to subsist on without supplements to fill in the gaps.  People do get better going from a typical crap diet to a plant based diet.  After the honeymoon period, plant only eaters will start a downward decent in regard to their health.  It may take longer for some but it inevitably happens.  I have read too many stories and heard too many testimonials from people who have actually experienced it.  They have seen it in themselves and in friends around them.

So Dr. Oz is right to look to the past for clues toward a healthier way of eating.  I just think he should have looked toward our more recent ancestors who walked on two feet, lived on the ground, and hunted animals.  His diet is more appropriate for our ancestors who lived in trees.



MAS said...

Follow the money. His sponsors are processed food companies. The moment he goes full Paleo he loses his show.

Jan said...

I'd like to see some tofu and soy milk you can acquire in a tree. Or on the ground, for that matter, without a factory. The man just makes my head want to explode.

You know, the stupidity of the world just astounds me, but you have to be grateful when you have two Fight Back Friday posts in a row handed to you on a silver platter.

Johannah said...

Your description of his diet made me laugh! He should eat however he wants to, but he should get "real" with history. What next? Will the vegans try to co-opt the words "Paleo Lifestyle" so as to divert everyone's understanding away from its present meaning? Are you omnivorous paleo or GMO Tofu paleo?

Chuck said...

Dr. Oz may be bipolar. There is no doubt he is a media whore. That he is consistent at.