Friday, October 14, 2011

Its the Simple Things....

In my opinion, it's not hard to make me happy.  Ask my wife and she may partially agree.  Well, she was great enough to make me a delicious breakfast today.  It was quite simple.  Sauteed spinach, the best eggs we can buy (also the cheapest), and homemade beef sausage patties.  It was as good as it looks.  It kept me satisfied till I ate again at 3 this afternoon.

Here is another thing that made me happy via laughter at the site of it:

I saw this van during my daily commute.  Although not the safest idea, I had to get a picture of it.  It made me laugh despite the lack of a dog in the front seat.  Enjoy your weekend.



MAS said...

You spotted the Scooby van. Nice!

be said...

I happen to have the absolute BEST egg farmer connection in Ohio. psst - wanna buy some eggs buddy?

Chuck said...


i have a good source too. we should consolidate and start dealing.