Monday, October 3, 2011

Has Paleo Jumped the Shark?

No, I don't think so.  A music video is just a sign of it's increasing popularity.  I guess there are much worse things for young hipsters to get into than resistance training and clean eating.



MAS said...

Comment take 2. God I hate Blogger. Wish you were on WordPress.

If I were their older brother, I'd show them how to render lard so they would stop cooking with olive oil.

I also think they (and most Paleo people) are over training. Nature is not energy foolish.

Chuck said...

you are right about over training. but at their age, the body is much more forgiving. i do like the pavel method of leaving always something in the tank to prevent wearing down or over use. i did 2 reps of my previous overhead press personal best today using pavel's methods.

btw, you should go show those youngins a thing or 2.

MAS said...

I still have mixed feelings about Pavel. If demonstrating strength is important and you need to be ready to throw down at a moment's notice (military, law enforcement) then I think he is on to something. However, for the rest of us, his approach might not be the best.

Chuck said...


I won't disagree with that opinion. I will say that some people like to still compete physically and they choose to compete against the weight. Is it optimal in the long run....probably not.
I had a similar discussion with someone about triathlon competitions. They are OK as long as they are aware of the risk vs. reward.