Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Lean, Mean, Fighting Machines

Seems like a lot of  Marines are turning to the paleo diet to optimize body composition and to help them be as strong as possible.  Maybe our government will recognize the effectiveness of this food and stop sending them crap to eat that ultimately gets discarded.  Here are some quotes from an article in the Marine Corps Times:
"Lt. Col. Sean Riordan used to consider himself chubby.  He just chalked up his less-than-desirable physique to genetics.  Today, Riordan has washboard abs and says he feels healthier than ever. His secret lies in a new fitness regimen — and a drastic dietary shift that calls for cutting out grains, legumes, sugar and dairy products, and eating more protein, fruit and greens. It’s called the caveman, or paleo, diet."
".... the Marines riffle through their field rations, keeping the most healthful items and dumping everything else. The majority of his platoon, Eberly said, eats a diet of tuna, chicken and vegetables. 

“They all take the chicken and tuna out of First Strike Rations and throw out the rest. Literally. They throw out every other item. We trade all the Pop-Tarts and Cokes with kids and shopkeepers [in the village] for homegrown vegetables.”
The guys below are Lt. Col. Riordan (right) and  Major Black.  Personally, I would rather these guys and their wacky diet out their defending my country.  Considering how fit they look and the skills I am sure they have, we are in good hands with them fighting for us.  I appreciate their sacrifice and the fact that they are spreading the word to help build a more capable soldier.



Johannah said...

I doubt the government will consider changing the rations from pop tarts as I'm sure the Pop Tart people must have some big contract that they make big bucks on supplying the military with their crap, so politically it won't happen as money speaks loudest of all. I'm glad these Marines are taking the initiative (the Paleo way) to improve their diet. It figures they would have to trade the locals for veggies since our govt doesn't supply them. Grok on!

Chuck said...

Maybe our government can subsidize farmers abroad who can properly feed our troops?