Thursday, October 27, 2011

Oz Up to More Shenanigans (this post is for a mature audience)

Dr. Kim Mulvihill laid the ground work for a proper journalistic investigation of the paleo diet.  She actually tried the diet for 7 weeks while living her normal life.  The results were fantastic.  

Dr. Oz also ran a paleo experiment.  His expose will be aired tomorrow, 10-28-11.  Instead of following Dr. Kim's lead, the Oz circus show decided to lock 3 women in a cage and feed them a paleo diet.  What a CROCK OF SHIT!  It makes it seem more like a punishment than a healthy lifestyle option.  This is a warning for all you paleos.  You may want to watch this show and be prepared because many people you know will see it and have something to say.  I don't recommend anyone walk around picking fights but I do recommend you be prepared when someone starts one with you based on what they've seen this jackass say about your way of eating.



~*Connie*~ said...

I was watching an episode of "The Doctors" and they are pushing the vegan life style (and raw vegan). It's so funny that they are doing this after the addition of Jillian (don't get me started on her) because she is actually against people making such drastic changes..

But this episode they had a doctor who has been vegan for years, and there were two sisters on the show, one vegan the other ate meat. The vegan dr told the vegan sister she looked like a million bucks, but then again so did the carnivore, but nothing was said about how great she looked. Just irks me so. Then they put up graphics of how 'meat eaters' fare against vegans and vegetarians when it comes to different health concerns, but I am sure they didn't factor in the SAD diet.. so everyone who eats unhealthily was thrown in to the 'meat eater' category regardless of if they choose to eat junk or a healthy diet. The junk science of these TV shows irks me almost as much as the junk foods and false advertising going on in the food industry these days.

Chuck said...


saying a vegan diet is better than the typical processed crap diet is like saying the miami dolphins are a better football team than a high school football team. sure this is probably true but not an equitable comparison.