Saturday, October 15, 2011

A Doctor's N=1 Experiment with Paleo

Dr. Kim Mulvihill, M.D is a medical correspondent with the CBS affiliate in San Francisco.  She is a middle aged doctor with a focus on OB/GYN.  She appears to be a health conscious individual who actively competes in triathlons.  As a story for the news program, she decided to investigate the paleo diet and try it herself.  It appeared to be a pretty well controlled self experiment.  The clinical and weight loss results are nothing short of amazing.  Even more amazing when you consider she is a middle aged woman.  They tend to struggle the most with weight loss compared to say a man in his early 20's.  I am not sure what she was eating before the experiment but I would speculate that she was not a habitual junk food eater.

Sorry, I know I said I would show all 5 clips here but for some reason the code is acting wonky and I cannot figure it out.  Here are all the clips linked in order:

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