Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Support a Friend, Support Real Food!

So there is this great blog I stumbled upon a while ago after I did a Google search on the place where I was buying half a grass fed cow.  Turns out this lady named Jan did a great post on the exact place where I went called Whitefeather Meats.  She is a paleo blogger who happens to live not too far from me.  There are not many of us in Northeast Ohio like there are in California for instance.  I thought that was pretty cool and have had an email dialogue with her ever since.  Jan seems like a great all around person with some strong but properly aligned ideals.

Let's talk a bit about her blog.  If you spend any time on it you will notice she has quite a flare for web design and photography.  On the surface it's beautiful.  It puts my blogger site to shame.    The content is what really makes her unique in my opinion.  In a world wide web of typical crap food recipes, she decided to go in the opposite direction.  Probably not as popular, but her ideals are not necessarily aligned with what will make her popular.  She only posts great tasting recipes (I have tried a few) that incorporate high quality, nourishing ingredients.  

Well, to her surprise she was recognized by Shape magazine as a top 20 healthy eating blog.  Getting the word out in mainstream forums like Shape is what will drive utilization of the paleo diet.  So in support of paleo...vote for Jan's Sushi Bar here.  Thank you.



Jan said...

Chuck, thank you SO much! I have just been amazed and overwhelmed with all of the support I've received. You are just a doll!

Chuck said...


No problem, you deserve it....carry the torch.