Saturday, February 12, 2011

"This is Crazy! This is Crazy! This is Crazy!"

Can anyone guess where the quote in the title came from? Please answer in comments.

I have decided to do this on February 26th.  It is the Portage Lakes Polar Bear Plunge.  Last year they raised over $40,000 at the event.  This year they hope to raise even more for the Akron-Canton Regional Food Bank.  I am hoping to be a decent contributor so I am asking for sponsors.  Please contact me at to make a contribution, I will take as little as $1 and can take donation via Paypal. Better yet, come freeze your ass off with me and raise your own money for a good cause.

Attention Facebookers, Tweeters, Myspacers, and even emailers feel free to make this post viral so I can get a lot of sponsors and be the #1 donor.



Marty said...


marty said...

3/4 flip with shoes on was the best....

Lee said...

Wrong Marty. National Lampoons Vacation.

Jan said...

I don't think even Clark Griswold would jump into Portage Lake at this time of year - well, maybe if Christie Brinkley were in there.

Nor would I, but I will be more than thrilled to sponsor your hypothermia and pneumonia. :P

Chuck said... i have feeling it will be "exhilarating".

i am giving myself the same motivation i gave my wife right before she gave birth to my first child. if those people could do it, so can i.

Don said...

Awesome. You are a better man than I! Looks like fun