Tuesday, February 1, 2011

A Picture is Worth a Lotta Words

I have to thank the Whole Health Source for introducing me to Wordle.  This a cool site that will create a picture with the most common words on your blog showing up as the largest.  Here is what our blog looks like after the Wordle magic is done:
Kinda eye opening really.  The weight problems that have ballooned in America the last 30+ years has been an easy target but not so obvious to the majority who see things through "low fat" glasses.  Personally, I think that argument has played out for everyone to see (when you actually look).  If people cannot recognize it then they can read our older posts or go elsewhere.  There is plenty of great info out there and it keeps on coming. When we started this thing, it was not intended to be a weight loss tutorial or discussion.  We wanted to focus more on health.  Moving forward, there will be more of a health and wellness spin than a weight and obesity spin. 

So I'll start with my renewed focus right now.  Here is a great example, from Free The Animal,  of someone making a diet adjustment that resulted in very positive health changes:
The change that has most affected me is the complete disappearance of my exercise and allergy induced asthma. This wasn't mild asthma either, this was dead serious emergency room stuff... I was, basically, looking forward to a future full of daily doses of oral inhaled steroids and immune repressants.
In order to put the magnitude of being asthma free into perspective, imagine a crippled person who dreams of climbing mountains suddenly being able to stand, walk, and then run. This kind of shift in ones physical abilities and opportunities is really impossible to explain in text form, so try to imagine the liberation one would feel. Asthma now has a cure, I'm proof.
This story sounds very similar to the story told by the mother of young Jake posted here on this site.  Bottom line is you are never too young and it is never too late to make lifestyle changes that drastically effect your health and help you to be less reliant on medications to survive.


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