Saturday, February 5, 2011

Big Sports Weekend for Paleo

Superbowl weekend is upon us.  I hate the Steelers but now I have even more reason to root for the Packers.  Take a look at this little tidbit from talking about the Packers' Aaron Rodgers and what he is packing for his trip to Dallas:
But back to the packing. He planned to bring a couple of books, including "The Paleo Diet."
Cool!  If you don't know about Aaron Rodgers, he is regarded as the most intelligent QB in the NFL (at least by me).  By the way, The Paleo Diet is a book by one of the pioneering researches on this subject, Loren Cordain. Here's to some quality foods helping Aaron lead his team to a championship.

The second paleo athlete in action is UFC fighter Forrest Griffin.  He is one of the top light heavyweight fighters in MMA and has a match up tomorrow night in UFC 126.  He did a review of Robb Wolf's Paleo Solution: The Original Human Diet.
"Robb Wolf and The Paleo Solution have changed the way I look at diet and nutrition. He's helped me understand just how critical diet and sleep can be to your overall health and life."
I've said many times that this nutritional philosophy is picking up steam.  Public figures jumping on this train will only help.



Chuck said...

Good weekend for those guys. They both came out victorious.

Mark Rodenhauser said...

I've always loved Forrest and didn't even know he was into Paleo. Just more reason he's my favorite sports personality. I really need to get his books.

I'm new to Paleo but absolutely loving it. I was so mis-programmed prior to this. I actually believed it when BS organizations like the FDA claimed grains were necessary to our health. I had no idea how much better I could feel all the time.

Thanks for the blog, good work!

Chuck said...

Welcome to paleo. I have been doing it for 4 years and do not see a reason to switch. I encourage you to keep reading. Once you have a good feel for the science behind it, you can much more easily resist the temptation to going back to eating what is deemed more "normal".

Mark Rodenhauser said...

Thanks, I think your link to the FatHead blog helped me the most with the science. Very, very informative documentary, great at explaining the science.

Chuck said...

The Fathead movie is must viewing. Glad you enjoyed it.