Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Living on Food One Has Evolved to Eat Has Healthy Results

Seems like a common sense statement right?  Turns out gorillas who are fed processed, high carb crap start to become just another overweight, unhealthy American.  Watch the short video below.  By the way, the before diet was pretty low fat to begin with.

Poor gorillas.  Why are they picking on them?  I bet weight problems and heart disease run in their family.  Before you start thinking humans should reproduce the diet read this.  Anyways, thanks to Hunter-Gatherer for making me aware of this little story.  Here is a link to the article about the Case Western Reserve University study.  In my opinion, the most impactful lines from the article are these:
"And, we're just recognizing that surviving on a diet and being healthy on a diet are different. We've raised our standards and are asking, are they in the best condition to not only survive but to thrive?"
It seems to me that we are also eating food that we are not adapted to eat.  You are not in captivity.  You control what you eat.  Will you thrive or just survive?  Survive is a word used to describe someone who lived through a train wreck.  To thrive is the way I want to live.  


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