Thursday, June 2, 2011

I'm A Cheater

Not Me
I live in Ohio and there has been a lot talk of cheating going on lately.  If you don't know what I am talking about just ask a sports fan in close proximity to you.  They will fill you in.  So I figured that before I get outed as a liar or a cheat, I would get in front of things and tell you I have been cheating for years.  I don't eat 100% paleo 100% of the time.

I occasionally eat ice cream.  I have tonic or ginger ale with my vodka.  Cheese cake is popular in circles I run in and I often indulge at family functions.  Peanut butter aint exactly paleo but I do eat a spoonful every now and then.  As far as strictness of calories consumed, I am probably 90% compliant.

Yes, I consume this stuff.  I don't go hog wild and jump back on the Standard American Diet.  I eat it, enjoy it, and don't stress about it.  I am not in a weight loss mode so I may be able to tolerate this stuff better than some.  I can tell you I have had 2 vacations recently where I had indulged more than usual and put on 5 pounds each time.  It virtually falls off me when I get back to routinely eating my normal food and I suspect the weight gain is due to fluid retention more than anything.

I don't believe in cheat days.  That is flying off the reservation for too long.  Indulging once in a while is OK for me.



MAS said...

Chuck, I didn't know you are from Ohio. So am I. Too bad about Tressel. It was a good decade though. I was at OSU during the John Cooper years.

Be said...

Are you a Cheetos Cheater? Then you must know that a buckeye is a useless fruit!

In all seriousness, your point is well taken. If we are doing the right thing 80% of the time most of us are just fine (except those needing to be tight - like diabetics). It is the excess that is problematic. Most of us are benefited if we only KNOW what is and isn't good for us. If we reject Big Brother's dietary advice and grains (at least most of the time), we will be a HELL of a lot better off. Does it guarantee we don't die before we are ready? I guarantee it won't. But you will last longer than if you ignore it.

But dude, when Ohio sweet corn is in season I AM EATING IT!

Be said...

Oops - useless NUT!

Chuck said...

yup, unlike you, i've only lived outside ohio during my college years. when i stumbled upon your blog i discovered you were also from ohio and decided to read more. glad i did.

Chuck said...

Ohio there corn sugar in there? like you said, enjoy and move on.