Saturday, June 18, 2011

Staying Grounded

So I am going to get off the nutrition tangent for a bit.  By the way, this may become more common.  

How can one be grounded if their feet never touch the ground?  A lot of  people are only barefoot in the shower.  Although this is a British video ad, it is still very educational and dead on.  Protecting one's feet with bulky, supportive shoes does nothing but weaken them, cause bunions, and cause your toes to become misaligned.  Yes, for the last year and a half I have been the weird, barefoot guy.  I am fortunate to work in a place that let's me walk around the office in my socks.  I work in my yard and socialize in my neighborhood in my naked feet.  I wear slip ons to my gym and take them off while doing standing exercises.  I never have shoes on inside my house.  Flip flops are the "shoe du jour" when the weather cooperates.  I have yet to have an adverse event despite comments from many concerned onlookers.  My feet are resilient.  What I have noticed is now my feet hurt when I wear shoes for extended periods.  I haven't bought special shoes to mimic being barefoot.  Good thing I don't have to wear shoes all that often but there are times when shoes are the best option.


VIVOBAREFOOT kids - Barefoot is Best from VIVOBAREFOOT on Vimeo.


Be said...

I agree and am barefoot as often as possible. I have always preferred it. Recently I bought Vibrams and just love them for hiking and walking - especially on rough or unreliable terrain. I hope they become more acceptable in other social settings. They are the next best thing to no shoes at all. And if you doubt that shoes are cramping our toes (and style) wait till you learn how to put on Five Fingers shoes.

Have you tried them yet?

Chuck said...

No, I have not tried the 5 fingers. I have heard mixed reviews. I don't hike as much as I should and I don't run. Those are 2 instances where I would consider a minimalist/barefoot style shoe. My neighbor is an avid runner and swears by his New Balance Minimus shoes. I may end up taking the plunge someday but I do alright in socks or just plain barefoot.