Thursday, June 9, 2011

Another MMA Fighter Goes Paleo

Off Yearlong Vegan Diet Experiment, Frank Mir Feels Stronger for UFC 130

Guess which one is Frank Mir
Now on a Paleolithic, or "caveman," diet, Mir said he's bigger than he's been in several fights – but more importantly, he's leaner. 
"The dieting thing, I think you have to approach as intelligently as you can. First I started as a vegetarian. And for a whole year, I gave it a shot. And it kept my weight down. But honestly, my body fat wasn't as low – I got a little bit softer. I was getting injured a lot more. I felt a lack of 'umph.' But I was very determined to try and be a healthier person."  
Know anyone getting a little softer, injured more often, sick a little more than usual, or maybe they lack 'umph'?  Paleo may just work for them too.


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