Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Dumbed Down Diet Advice

Recently our government felt the citizens of America were too stupid to comprehend the Food Pyramid so they made a drastic change from a Pyramid to a circle.  Shapes are so fun.  The complicated 3 sided shape obviously has been the cause of all our problems.  No one can understand it thus they don't know what to eat.  Their answer was MyPlate.  Here is the new illustration that is sure to cure our country's obesity and chronic disease problems.  

Well there is already a paleo answer to this.  Seems so simple a picture isn't needed but it is funny none the less.  By the way, the paleo "MyPlate" was created by the FitBomb.com people and a T-Shirt can be bought here.  (I make no money off this but they deserve their props)

Funny but true.  The paleo version is so much more effective at improving health than the new government iteration.  The science keeps coming out in support of reducing processed crap and replacing it with nourishing, real food.  The question is, will the paleo plate ever become mainstream?  


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