Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Why Don't People Bring Steak to the Office as a Treat?

*warning: this post is off the cuff, written quickly, and may be kinda hard to follow.  but heck, this works at some of the most wildly popular blogs out there.*

To answer the title, it's because animal fat is vilified as a killer in our country.  I think everyone knows a doughnut may make them fat if you don't eat them in moderation but they do not think it will kill them.  This crap is constantly brought into the office.  My office mates are always complaining about their weight and/or health.  There is definitely a disconnect.

I often wonder why the default snack generous people bring in to share is some sort wheat laden handful with sugar on top.  No one brings in fruit, nuts, or jerky to share.  There are many reasons I can think of for for that.  Wheat covered in sugar is cheap.  Wheat covered in sugar is convenient.  To bring in the healthier options would require more money and more effort.  That is what is wrong with our food system.  The good stuff is harder to acquire.

I can easily say no to this crap.  My addiction to it ended years ago.  Part of me wants to bring in some fruit as an experiment but some of the doughnut fairies in my office will see right through my scheme and most likely get offended.  Screw it, I am gonna do it anyway.  I wonder how long bananas and apples will last in the common area.  Maybe after that, I will bring in a small beef appetizer.  I will let you know how it goes.



Jan said...

Since my parents owned a series of bakeries and donut shops, such fare has never been one of my weaknesses (you certainly don't want to eat it when you work with it day in and day out for YEARS AND YEARS). But I do understand your point, oh yes - we have a guy here in our office who eats a banana and half a box of fat-free Fig Newtons for breakfast every day and is on so many medications for this, that and the other that he rattles when he walks.

But you'll be happy to know that when we have a staff meeting here (a rather rare occurrence, since we're a small company and are all too busy working), that donuts have been banned. I usually bring in deviled eggs and a cheese and fruit platter that I make up at home. Oddly enough, no one complains.

Average Married Guy said...

Jan that's awesome! I was thinking of a scrambled egg dish/crustless quiche instead of donuts or bagels (neither of which I'll eat) the next time I'm supposed to bring something in.

Chuck said...

hmmm, great ideas. i am thinking about just a pound of bacon too. i know it will get eaten but people will talk about their pending heart attacks. unlike the donuts which they just talk about how good they are.

MAS said...

Make pemmican. :)

Chuck said...

I tried to make pemmican once. it was a ton of work and was a disaster. my dog loved it though. if i perfected it, i wouldn't share it with people who would not appreciate it.

i have perfected jerky. the best cut for this is beef heart. it is inexpensive and super lean. great for jerky. people love it till they hear it is heart. then it tastes not so good to them.

Leon Davis said...

Or Chicken & donuts!

Chuck said...

i have seen chicken and waffles but i am surprised this is the first time i have heard chicken and doughnuts combined.

Jason said...


Chuck said...

kabobs would work and probably be gobbled up.