Thursday, June 14, 2012

"Paleo" Commercialized

Organic Cigarettes....Really?

The paleo diet is continually becoming more popular and even the most harsh critics cannot deny this.  Ebooks and conventional paper + ink books are being released at an impressive clip.  The mainstream media has definitely taken notice by doing more stories on the phenomenon.

Before jumping into this foray, please educate yourself on the foods of the diet.  For the purpose of this post I will boil it down to this, this diet revolves around fresh meat, fish, vegetables, and fruit.  In simplest terms, that is it.  Buy these items unprepared and create meals out of them yourself.  Don't rely on a restaurant, a bakery, or a factory to create "paleo friendly" foods for you.

That is exactly what I have noticed with paleo and gluten free.  Many businesses are jumping on the popularity of these trends by creating foods that they say fit within the parameters.  Great, I am all for innovation and entrepreneurial spirit.  But do not assume that just because a muffin or loaf of bread is gluten free and "paleo friendly" that it should be anything more than an occasional treat.  It is highly processed, nutrient poor crap....plain and simple.

Highly processed, nutrient poor food is the cause of many of our lifestyle diseases.  I have seen many obese people dedicated to gluten free.  I wonder how this is possible because I just assume they must be eating paleo or primal.  Then I see what they eat and it only differs in that they now substitute gluten free foods in where gluten containing foods were.  The opportunity to add in nutrient dense, whole foods while removing highly processed, nutrient poor foods is completely missed.  

So next time you think about buying a paleo muffin, think about the organic cigarettes pictured at the top of this post and just say "really?".  


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