Friday, May 4, 2012

"Drugs Don't Work"

I love some of the quotes from this interview:
"Drugs don't work.
"We need a different solution." 
          "It is 100% reversible." 
          "You can't medicate your way out of a bad diet."

I don't like that he feels public policy is needed as a solution.  Parents need to wake up to the fact that the crap they feed their children and allow them to consume is detrimental to their health, plain and simple.  There needs to be a paradigm shift in the thinking about nutrition.  We sure as hell cannot rely on our government in that regard.  They may come around in 20-30 years but that will be too late for millions of adults and children.  Don't let today's children live shorter, less healthy lives than their parents or grandparents.  Are you going to wait for our government to save you and your children?



Average Married Guy said...

Unfortunately, between two kids we only have control over 4.5 out of 6 meals per day since one child is in daycare. So that's breakfast, lunch and dinner we make for one kid, and breakfast and dinner for the other (with lunch and another half breakfast at the center). They had a menu from the center showing how they are trying to be "healthy" with whole grains, low fat milk, low cholesterol/fat items, etc. The school's menu is even worse. Can't wait until next year when we can fix or feed all main meals to our kids.

The USDA and pharmaceuticals/medical community has no incentive for us to eat right, since if we eat poorly on subsidized food we get sick and need help. So much disinformation being thrown out there by these groups including about the need to slather up sunscreen all the time.

Glad to see you and others are fighting the good fight in spreading the ground-swell message.

Chuck said...

thank you. as you eluded to, it is going to take a ground swell of people who take the time to educate themselves. we cannot rely on the public sector to provide us with information that is best for us. at least not right now.

the more people make effective changes, the more the results will be impossible to ignore.

Anonymous said...

I took a course in University called the History of Health Care or something like that.

It was interesting looking back at what people did 100's of years ago to treat illness - bloodletting being one of the most obvious.

When it comes to nutrition I think people a 100 years from now may go back and look at us today and think "wow look at what they were doing to themselves"

Chuck said...


i think it will be interesting how the medical community will look back at what medications we use today that will prove to be both ineffective and dangerous down the road.