Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Want To Become Weak and Emaciated?

Of course, don't lift anything heavy.  Don't eat that artery clogging, protein rich meat.  And of course, take take those magic cholesterol lowering statins.  

How common are these recommendations?  It is no wonder that as American's age, they become so weak they cannot do even the most basic tasks.  Strength and vitality shouldn't just be traits of the youth.



Chris Sturdy said...

This is excellent. I just tweeted it and posted to facebook.

Chuck said...

Glad u like. Thx for passing on.

Jan said...

WOW - I wasn't expecting THAT at all!!

Beloved is enamored with Mark Sisson's basic exercise regime (I have the feeling that the WOWs he posts every Monday are in our future). He's doing to be lifting heavy things very soon, I think - I'm still into the whole "move slowly every day" but any progress is still good progress, right?

Chuck said...

Start easy. Do the bodyweight stuff till you are able to lift heavy. But moving slowly is better than not at all.

Be said...

My daughter goes to A&M and will like this. And he is right about cholesterol - the new witch hunt. And yes, ANY movement is better than no movement and we feel SO much better every day.

Thanks Chuck!

Caveman Home Companion said...

Steven Riechman makes a good point. We need to stop referring to LDL as "bad" cholesterol.It serves a purpose. Balance is the key. Nice post.