Tuesday, May 10, 2011

What Would You Eat in the Name of "Health"?

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A while ago I heard an interview of a registered dietician who also happens to be a low carb advocate.  She said she ran the numbers and it is IMPOSSIBLE to eat a whole, unproccessed food diet that meets today's standard nutritional recommendations because it would exceed the daily fat limit.  Real food contains fat.  It takes manufacturers to make these foods "healthy" enough for us to eat.  You see, eating freshly butchered meats and freshly picked plants is what is killing America.  We all have to eat more stuff from boxes and bags with ingredients we can't pronounce and shouldn't care about.

One such way of making our food healthy is by taking fat out and adding wood in.  YES, WOOD!  I heard about this on the Latest in Paleo podcast and decided to dig a bit deeper.  I found this article from the Wall Street Journal with some gem quotes.  Here they are:
What is often in shredded cheese besides cheese?  Powdered cellulose: minuscule pieces of wood pulp or other plant fibers that coat the cheese and keep it from clumping by blocking out moisture.
Demand for cellulose is also rising because of the growing popularity of processed food products in China, India and other countries, and because consumers are demanding low-fat or nonfat foods that still have a creamy texture.  
Although the notion of eating fine grains of wood pulp might make some consumers blanch, nutritionists say cellulose—which gives plants their structure—is a harmless fiber that can often cut calories in food. Insoluble dietary fibers like cellulose aren't digestible by humans so add bulk to food without making it more fattening.
So we can't eat fat but we do need more fiber.  Just add wood?  Really???  This crap get's crazier every day and no one is becoming healthier because of it.

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Jan said...

Mmmmm, yummy wood...


Chuck said...


You know, I have been meaning to invite you to dinner. Considering the great cook you are, I was hoping you cook some oak. I plan on grilling some maple and pine.

Be said...

But how much wood could a wood chuck chuck if a wood chuck could chuck wood?

And "if they puke all over you, is that like a refund?" I'll pass on the wood and we'll eat REAL SLOW food!

Jan said...

Only if the oak is from my front yard so we don't have to pick up 4,569,254 acorns this fall.

Be said...

"we" - are you volunteering to help this fall? FANTASTIC!

Caveman Home Companion said...

I remember years ago one of the cerial companies was cought adding sawdust to their "high fiber" cerial. At the time it caused quite a public uproar. Things sure have changed.