Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Another Top Athlete Cleaning Up Their Diet

Djokovic ditches pizza to push for top spot 

World No.2 Novak Djokovic claims giving up “pizza, pasta and bread” has made him a better player.

Now back home in Belgrade for the Serbia Open, the 23-year-old has spoken of the major changes he has made to his diet over the past eight months to improve his fitness levels.
Djokovic – who won his inaugural home event in 2009 – believes the advice given to him by nutritionist Igor Cetojevic has been a major factor in his recent run of successes.
He said that Cetojevic has “done a great job” by “changing” his diet following test results that showed Djokovic is “allergic to some food ingredients” such as gluten”.
Having ditched “pizza, pasta and bread”, Djokovic feels “great physically”, has “lost some weight” and made his “movement” far “sharper”.
Yet another top athlete dispelling the myth that to excel at sports you need to load up on the "healthy" grains.  This story was found by DietDoctor.coman interesting blog with a low carb perspective from Sweden.
As you can see here, a conventional nutritionist is inspecting this athletic phenom (please sense my sarcasm).  Obviously something must be very wrong with him or maybe his head is misshapen as a result of eliminating wheat.  Or possibly he is a tennis robot from outer space?  He cannot be normal.  He defies all nutritional laws of conventional wisdom.

EDIT: Now the Wall Street Journal  has picked up on this story.  


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