Friday, August 20, 2010

Who Can You Trust?

My opinion in regard to health and nutrition, it is tough to trust anyone 100% of the time.

credit Kelly the Kitchen Kop

It is hard to believe but those ads are real.  It used to be accepted that drinking pop and smoking cigarettes were perfectly fine.  Corporations paid for biased studies that supported their products and thus their financial interests.  Eventually logic overcame greed.  There are two more recent examples of this problem.  

Recently the Coca Cola company was sued over the fact that Vitamin Water was sold as a healthy alternative to pop and energy drinks.  Coca Cola's defense,  "no consumer could reasonably be misled into thinking vitaminwater was a healthy beverage."   If you didn't know, besides synthetic vitamins and real water, there are 33 grams of sugar in "Vitamin Water".  Maybe the public shouldn't look to sugared beverage companies for their vitamins.

Another interesting transgression that recently came to light was the whole swine flu scandal.  Myself and many others have said for a while it was a hoax.  There was a small minority that knew the flu was only deadly for people with compromised immune systems.  Yet the World Health Organization (WHO), at the urging of their scientific advisory board, declared H1N1 (swine flu) a pandemic.  Vaccines were quickly created and distributed around the world.  $1.6 billion of our tax dollars were spent by our government alone on the vaccines.  Who knows how much more was spent throughout the world.  

Well the pandemic never happened and most people, by choice, did not get the vaccine.  In the US, nearly half of the 162 million vaccines that were ordered expired and were dumped in the trash.  The same thing happened in other countries.  Now it has been revealed that the scientific advisory board of the WHO has many members who have direct financial ties to the pharmaceutical companies who made the H1N1 vaccines.

So next time you are just a bit uncomfortable regarding health and nutritional recommendations, trust your instinct and do a little research of your own.  You might just be shocked at what you find.



motherhen68 said...

Hmm, how surprising that the WHO has ties to pharmaceutical companies....NOT

The hysteria surrounding the swine flu "epidemic" was absurd. My son played baseball w/a boy who's brother & friends had just returned from a mission trip to Mexico and brought in many cases of swine flu to our area. The mom was freaking out and being as she's an RN was even more freaked out, freaking out all the other mothers as well. I'll admit, I was freaked out, but not enough to run to the doctor for a vaccine and if my kids would have gotten swine flu (which they didn't) I would not have gotten the tamiflu.

Chuck said...


You mean it didn't kill everyone in your community? It is truly a miracle.