Monday, August 27, 2012



Chicken bores me.  Compared to pork, beef, and seafood, it does nothing for me.  I know it is a decent protein source that is widely available and relatively inexpensive.  I just find it kinda bland and tasteless.  I do eat it though because of the previously mentioned attributes and it is popular with other people I eat with.  I get the less expensive but more flavorful dark meat cuts on the bone.

I WILL NOT cook chicken in my house without brining it first.   In my opinion, brining has a wide definition but it typically involves a salty marinade for a period of time.  I have done many different brines of my chicken.  Just pick some flavors you like and let the chicken soak at least overnight to impart the desired flavor.  Do yourself a favor and google "brining chicken"and try it yourself.  You will not be disappointed.  You will however, change how you cook chicken forever.


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Alex Peck said...

Do you have a basic brine protocol I could follow?