Monday, August 20, 2012

All Calories are Not Equal

This is a follow up to a post I did on this study a while back.

Fill your diet with nutrient dense, satisfying foods to get yourself on a path toward better health.  The latest research says meats (especially organ meats) are the most nutrient dense, then veggies, then fruits.  Most grains cannot be eaten without being processed and cooked.  In the end, these grains end up being pretty nutrient deficient in comparison to many other foods.  Of course using this information in a helpful way requires one to seriously question the validity that fat and cholesterol in our food is detrimental.  That subject has been beaten to death on this blog and by many, much more educated experts.  I do think even some of the most ardent followers of conventional wisdom are starting to question the whole cholesterol/ fat hypothesis.



Average Married Guy said...

Preaching to the choir (just finished some leftover grass fed chuck roast for lunch), hoping this thinking continues to gain traction. My only issue with organ meats like liver is that I don't care for the taste.

Thanks for continuing to post.

Chuck said...

i cannot say that i am eating organ meats at a high rate. it is amazing to observe that older generations love organ meats whereas younger ones hate them. liver is something i am tolerating more and more. i tend to really doctor it up though.