Tuesday, August 2, 2011

"What Do You Have to Lose?"

The author from this video is cardiologist Dr. William Davis, MD and owner of theheartscanblog.com .  I have been following his blog for years.  He has great patient outcomes with mostly over the counter supplements and diet change.  His diet recommendations are very much paleo.  Obviously he feels today's wheat is not good for us but in fact it's very bad.  Another reason I like him is he did his residency right up the road from me in Cleveland, OH.  Here is another interview of him regarding wheat. 

More on the topic of wheat.  Some participants of possibly the most grueling endurance event ever, The Tour de France, avoided wheat during the race.  They are Team Garmin and while drastically reducing their intake of bread and pasta, they won the team classification in the 2,132 mile event.  You mean it's possible to do an endurance event without relying on bread and pasta???  Blasphemy I say.  Is it a coincidence that the most successful athlete in 2011 also drastically reduced wheat in his diet?  Most intelligent people would agree when many start having the same results, it stops being a coincidence.



Be said...
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Be said...

Funny line! What do you have to lose? "Man breasts, a bagel butt and a wheat belly" It's nice to see a local MD doing the science!