Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Another Chink in the Armor

I don't think we are real close to the time when the low fat experiment is officially abandoned as a failure.  It's probably at least 10 years away.  It seems though that almost every week there are more reports that the experts have definitely realized the colossal failure that it is.  Thank you to Hold the Toast for finding this gem.  Check this article out:

This report was done from the American Dietetics Association Food and Nutrition Conference and Expo.  Here are some quotes from the article:
- The author wrote: four leading experts presented evidence suggesting that low fat diets may be less healthy than those containing at least a moderate amount of fat. In particular, all four agreed that replacing saturated fat with carbohydrates – as has been widely recommended in the United States – is likely to raise the risk of cardiovascular disease.
- “If anything, the literature shows a slight advantage of the high fat diet,” he said.“The focus on fat in dietary guidelines has been a massive distraction…We should remove total fat from nutrition facts panels on the back of packs.” Chair of the Harvard School of Public Health’s nutrition department Dr. Walter Willett 
 - Assistant professor of medicine at Harvard Medical School Dr. Mozaffarian said “Overall dietary quality is very important for cardiovascular risk,” he said.“Saturated fats may raise LDL cholesterol but increasing levels of all fats lowers triglycerides…You can’t look at data across countries and draw conclusions. Nor can you look at animal studies or a single biomarker and draw conclusions from that.”
Although they still seem to unfairly demonize saturated fat, they are moving in the right direction.  At a symposium such as this, it is very telling when something so controversial is discussed.  These are the actions that will snowball into real change.  


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