Friday, October 29, 2010

This Isn't the Whole Equation to Manhood But it is To Health

Just read this article and had to laugh.  It's funny but true.  In my opinion there is more to manhood but achieving manliness without following principles of this article is impossible.
Man or Woman?
You SUCK as a MAN
"You can’t stop sucking when anything more vigorous than abusing an elliptical causes serious injury."
"You can’t stop sucking when the only way you could do 10 pushups is by finishing the last 8 in the modified position, like a girl – remember, you’re turning into a woman."
"You can’t stop sucking when you eat low-fat, no protein, and whole grains (any grains, really), like pasta, wheat bread and Cheerios. Or snack wells. Or M&M’s. Those food groups jack with your manliness, bind up testosterone, increase body fat and reduce muscle tissue (not to mention a bunch of other things)."
Are you healthy, are you strong, do you not SUCK as a MAN?


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