Friday, October 1, 2010

Do Comedians Know The Secret to Health?

If you have ever looked at the links we put up on the right, you might have noticed one called Fat Head.  This is an extremely informative site done by part time comedian Tom Naughton.  He made a fun but also intended to be serious movie called Fat Head.  It's very entertaining while also being educational...HIGHLY recommended viewing.

Here is another comedian who also provides some entertaining education in regard to nutrition.  Although kinda tongue in cheek, it is spot on none the less.  Not necessarily kid safe though.

I think the reason why we are getting these messages from comedians is that what makes them so funny is they can point out unobvious societal flaws.  When they point these flaws out it is funny because at the moment they give the pitch the audience realizes how oblivious they were to this humorous truth.  I was a big fan of the sitcom Seinfeld....that is what made that show so great.  Oh well, you never know what will inspire change in somebody, maybe humor is the trick.  CP  

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