Friday, October 19, 2012

It is Happening Folks....

The Paleo/Primal, Ancestral, Evolutionary health and wellness movement is becoming extremely popular.  I am going to highlight only a few recent signs of this.

First is an article today from a Connecticut based site writing about how 5 of their local restaurants are featuring paleo friendly dishes on their menus.  I wonder if they cook these dishes with butter, coconut oil, or lard?  Who knows but it is encouraging that businesses are recognizing a need to offer these healthy options to their customers.  

The second example is from UCLA.  They recently announced a curriculum called "Evolutionary Medicine".  
"Evolutionary medicine is an emerging field that combines the disciplines of ecology and evolutionary biology, anthropology, psychology, and zoology with medicine to create new paradigms for investigating and understanding disease. The field is growing both nationally and internationally as leaders from varying fields recognize that novel translational insights can be gained by adopting a functional perspective."
I hope this revolutionises healthcare.  I am hopeful but I won't hold my breath.  This will not become the standard of care any time soon.  It will turn out some smart people who will hopefully rock boats and rattle cages.  I am interested to see if there will be other institutions that will follow suit with similar programs.

The last example I have is an interview by actress Judy Greer.  She has a video series on Yahoo called "Reluctantly Healthy".  It appears to be a chronicle of what is popular today in nutrition and fitness.  Anyway, this little interview appears to be a chill conversation among the cool kids.

This is all great stuff.  The message is obviously spreading to a wider audience and for good reason.  People who clean up their diet with paleo end up being advocates because of the many positive results they see.  The weird thing is, the less proselytizing I have become, the more people engage me about this stuff.  Maybe there is a lesson here.



Robert MoRALES said...

Low carb diets made peoples hearts blow up? Ummm... Did I miss somthing?

Chuck said...

are you asking me if low carb diets made hearts blow up? did i state that in this post. i am willing to have a discussion if you would word things differently.