Thursday, March 8, 2012

Will a Gluten Free Diet Be Banned as a Performance Enhancer?

Will gluten antibodies be tested for in athletes.  Will the subjects without them be penalized for an unfair advantage?  Pro women's golfer, Michelle Wie, has decided to adopt a gluten free diet.  Here is what she had to say:
“I am allergic to everything in this world, I don’t really digest food very well,” the 22-year-old Hawaiian of Korean descent said. “So I just thought maybe if I cut out gluten, I can feel better because I heard that it causes inflammation, everything ... but it’s been week three and I feel a big difference.”
Here is a picture of her before the change:

And here she is after the change:

WOW!  What a difference.  Of course I kid but it is funny isn't it?  It is interesting how people whose potential earnings are tied to their health and performance are willing to make greater diet sacrifices.  I guess health and physical performance just aint that important for the rest of the world.  



Anonymous said...

you didn't just go there did you? You used that pathetic quote to say athletes are better because they are willing to adjust their diet because "someone" said "it causes inflammation, everything..." (now that is highly scientific and heck the rest of us are idiots for not following that advice!!)

I just thought maybe you would want to be taken seriously.. guess not..

and so no one but athletes are wiling to change their diet??


Did you even read this before you posted it??

cause as someone who is in "the rest of the world" (aka not someone whose potential earnings are tied to their health and performance) who has made several dramatic changes in my diet I just find this insulting. I'm sure there are a multitude of athletes that have tried one diet or another and then abandoned them because they didn't feel better.. Just because one person (or 100) does better on a gluten free diet, does not mean EVERY person will do better on a gluten free diet..

Now I'm just ranting.. that is how much you ticked me off with this post..

MAS said...

In the story she also says:

"You know, my joints don't feel sore as much, I digest food a lot better, my hands feel less swollen so I feel really good."

That is classic symptoms of someone with gluten issues. I'm glad she figured it out at such a young age.

Chuck said...


welcome back. haven't seen you post a comment in a while. sorry you didn't appreciate my tongue n cheek post. oh well, hope you have a great weekend.


yes, i will be interested to see how she progresses compared to the tennis player.