Wednesday, February 22, 2012

A Corporation That Gets It

I have seen delivery trucks dropping off chicken at a local Chipotle.  It is not free range, pasture raised chicken but it is better than what was shown in the movie Food, Inc.  Chipotle isn't perfect but they are trying much harder than most to get better.  Large businesses talking the talk then walking the walk is a good thing.  It will make quality food more affordable for the masses.  It will bring the importance of food quality to the forefront of many more minds.



Anonymous said...

I read the page from that link to Gerbers Amish Farm. They use the word "natural" a lot which is a red flag to me. On that note, how would a chicken eating cereal grain and vegetable oil be considered natural?


Quite frankly I find Chipotle's half-assed efforts to be lip service to those of us who care about the quality of the food we consume.

Chuck said...


no, they are not perfect but they are moving things toward the right direction. one step at a time.

MAS said...

The last I read they were still marinating all their meat, except the pork, in soybean oil.

I'll take hunger over Chipotle.

Chuck said...


It is difficult to navigate restaurant eating but I don't eat out all that often. I find myself faced with having to eat at Chipotle for work lunches every so often. I can create a lunch there that is a decent option for me. That is great to know that info about the marinades.

MAS said...

I tried to update my comment yesterday, but had trouble with Blogger. I meant to say that I only eat the pork option when I go to Chipotle and that hunger is preferable to their soybean soaked meats.

Chuck said...


No problem. I am glad I did learn that about the soybean oil. I got their beef stuff a lot. Wish their gauc wasn't so spensive.

I am not the biggest fan of Chipotle to be quite honest with you. We rather goto a mexican place where the people barely speak English and they don't try to fill you up with cheap fillers like rice.

I do like that they are attempting to make a stand for higher quality ingredients.