Wednesday, December 14, 2011

In Da Face!

Ok, so my friends and I were huge fans of the movie Coming to America.  It was quite possibly Eddie Murphy's greatest performance.  We watched it hundreds of times it seems we can recite most of the movie word for word.  One line we often mixed into our daily banter is "In Da Face!".  It was yelled by Eddie Murphy's character, Akim who is from Africa and doesn't quite understand New York dialect.  Rather than try to explain it, just watch.

You probably don't enjoy that as much as me.....oh well.  But this clip is appropriate in the case of our butter supply superiority over Norway.  We are very fortunate to have many options of this delicious and versatile food widely available to us.  Whereas Norway seems to be having a shortage. Enjoy the always entertaining Stephen Colbert as he illustrates our good fortunes in contrast to Norway.

So yes Norway, you may have a better selection of seafood than us but I just bought 8 pounds butter from grass fed cows because it's delicious, it was on sale, and because I COULD.....IN DA FACE!


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