Friday, December 17, 2010

It Just Works Damn It!

Out of the blue yesterday, I got an unsolicited text from a friend whom I text once or twice a week.  Here is what he wrote, "Thanks for introducing this lifestyle to me....I love it!  Have never felt better!".    No, I did not introduce him to the lifestyle of swinging or Dungeons and Dragons.  The "lifestyle" he speaks of is the primal/paleo diet you may have read about on this site or elsewhere.  My friend was not particularly overweight or unhealthy when he started his experimentation.  For him to express himself this way after starting off in a pretty healthy place means as I said to him, "This shit just works".

You can definitely lose weight eating this way.  Losing weight is typically the goal of people when they make a diet change.  This is a noble pursuit and a great idea in general.  What makes this way of eating unique is that it has results that sustain and it causes tremendously positive changes in overall health.  That, in the end, should be the goal.  If you don't feel great and are on maintenance drugs, your goal should be to get off all those drugs and feel better than ever.

Here is another great example of the results of this diet from Marks Daily Apple:

With the help of a professional physical therapist trainer and nutritionist, in January 2010, I committed myself feverishly to those things which conventional wisdom dictates: daily torturous battles with my body at the gym, and a low-fat, high-fiber, high-carbohydrate diet.
After two months, I was seeing some modest results, but I could tell that my body needed something different. I had an instinct that I didn’t feel well eating all of these refined carbohydrates. I had a battle with my nutritionist/trainer who swore that my instincts were wrong and that I would be doomed to failure.  In March, I followed my gut and set out full-steam-ahead down my Primal path. 
Within a month of ceasing my refined flour and sugar consumption and adopting the Primal Blueprint, I began to see immediate and dramatic results. My lifelong symptoms of severe asthma immediately disappeared, my painful gastric reflux abated, I dropped 15 pounds that first month, and I was able to cease all prescription medication almost immediately.
Now, 11 months after beginning my weight loss journey, and 8 months after going “Primal” I see dramatic results. My weight has dropped about 105 pounds to 220, with my average monthly weight loss being between 8 and 12 pounds consistently.

New Years resolution time is coming.  Rather than just eat less like typical diets call for, why not make a real change that actually works?



Anonymous said...

That photo is a bit stretched...

Chuck said...

i know it's stretched. the software i use to merge 2 jpegs into one stretches them at times. the intention wasn't to mislead.